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The Cheapest Way: Print from home

There are a lot of options when it comes to printing your workbook. The simplest solution for you may be to print it from your home. To save paper and ink, you may even choose to only print the worksheets that your child will actually be filling out. Out of the 64 pages, there are only 33 that they actually write on. The other pages are used for: title pages, table to contents, module dividers, reference sheets, answer key, and the optional “Gratitude Journal” pages at the end.

So, really, you could just print out the 33 that they write on, if you like. Just be sure the PDF file is handy while they’re watching the videos, because I do reference some of the other pages in the lessons as I’m talking.

If you would like to do that, simply copy and paste these page numbers under “Pages” in the Print dialog box:



Like this:

If you want to be super, ultra frugal, you could even just print them as “grayscale” images, so it doesn’t use all your colored ink! Like this:

The Cutest Way: Send PDF file to professional printer for printing and binding


So, I had fun putting together this workbook. I love bright colors, and I loved organizing the different Modules based on color, and bringing in some happy little graphics. When I designed the workbook, I envisioned people having them printed in color and bound to actually look like a book. That’s what we did with ours:

I ordered mine online at Staples, and picked it up at our local store. The actual printing cost was more expensive than online printers, but when you take out the shipping cost, it’s about the same.

I paid $27/book to have them printed. Eeek, a little pricey – sorry, Guys! It was so nice to have them all bound, though! It made it super easy as I was going through the course with my boys. They each had their own workbook, and we could flip through it as we were watching the videos.

And they look super cute when printed, too. : )

Basically, you just upload the PDF file, choose the kind of binding you want, and you’re done.

Again, you could save money by having them printed in boring ‘ol black and white, if you like.


Ordering Your Printed Workbook Online:

There’s also another printer online that I’ve used before, and they do great work. They’re called: http://www.bestvaluecopy.com/

The actual cost of printing the workbook was a lot less than Staples, but again, when you add in the shipping, it was about the same. But, if you don’t have a Staples by you, or don’t feel like having to pick it up from the store, you may want to try them out. Also, if you had other things you needed printed, you could just order them all at once and save on shipping that way.

If you decide to use their services, just upload the PDF to their website. These are the setting I’ve used with them in the past that worked nice: Color, Single Sided, 8.5x11 size, 24# White Bond (Paper type), Collated, no Folding, no Stapling/Drilling, Plastic Coil Binding, Hard Front Cover (120 # glossy cover), Yes, print cover from file, Vinyl Back Cover.

Here’s a quick video where I walk you through the ordering process (It can be a little confusing when ordering for the first time):

And, there you go! I hope this helps! If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me (Laurie Taylor - aka "Teacher Taylor") at: learn@orangeowlacademy.com

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