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 “Do You Want your Child to be Financially Prepared for the Future…To Appreciate the Value of Money Now…To Take Responsibility for Their Choices…Without Making the Same Mistakes You Made?"

Dear Fellow Parents,

Life is hard enough to figure out for ourselves, let alone while trying to teach our children how to navigate the ups and downs.  When it comes to teaching kids about money, it can seem very intimidating and overwhelming – especially when you feel like your own finances aren’t the best example to teach from.  And besides, who has time to teach their kids about money with everything else going on in their lives?  Shouldn’t they learn this stuff in school?

I know.  I get it.  And I’d love to help! 

If you want your child to be able to: steer clear of suffocating debt in the future, make wise choices with their money now, and gain the vital knowledge they need to become financially stable adults, this might be the most important information you’ll read all year.  Here’s why…

For a limited time, I’m offering, “The Story of Rich’s Riches” (a chapter book for kids age 7-13), for parents who don’t want to see their children struggle with money unnecessarily.

In this fun, fiction book, your child will…

  • Discover essential money-management tools that they can start using TODAY

  • Learn the value of setting goals, so they can work towards achieving their dreams

  • See how they may use their own unique talents to find SUCCESS in life

  • Realize the importance of not giving up, even in the face of criticism and doubt

  • Receive an important introduction to how much things cost, so that they may APPRECIATE what they have

  • Understand that having gratitude will take them closer to where they want to be


(And all while being entertained through a funny and charming story that they can relate to!)

That’s just a small sample of what your child will learn in, “The Story of Rich’s Riches.”

Because of the value of the content, I usually charge $9.97, but right now, on this page only, I’m practically giving it away.

As long as you take action now, you’ll get instant access to the PDF download of “The Story of Rich’s Riches” for just $4.97.

Won’t it be great to have an easy way to start giving your child the financial education that they’ll need to succeed, to know that you are preparing them with vital skills that they will use through-out their lives, to help them avoid the unnecessary pains and struggles of financial ignorance?

To get instant access to your PDF download of “The Story of Rich’s Riches,” simply click the link below.

You can’t wait for the school system to do the job for you.  It’s time to take action today, to make sure your child receives the financial education they deserve.

To brighter days ahead,

Laurie Taylor

"The Story of Rich's Riches"

119-Page Chapter Book for Kids (age 7-13)

PDF Download

A fun, fictional book that introduces kids to essential money management skills.

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